Survey ;-)

After almost every blogpost i publish my wordpress statistics show american readers. I would like to translate all further posts if my american friends are interested – if not just say so and i will leave you alone ;-)First of all here is a short summary of my most common topics:

-Sieben Sachen Sonntag „Seven things on Sunday“ is a very popular blog campaign where blogger describe seven things they used thier hands for on this particular sunday

-creadienstag „Creative Tuesday“ Bloggers show something they made either for themself, as a gift or for their online-shops or craft fairs

– Fisch am Freitag „Fridays Fish“ goes back to an old tradition to have fish for dinner on fridays. I usually show fish i found to take a picture of.

Other than that there a couple more popular topics i take part in like 12 von 12:           12 things i did or saw on the 12th of that month and 7 am 7. :my seven senses on the seventh of the month…

Welcome new readers 🙂

Mehr Neuigkeiten gibt es hier:

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